Thank you for visiting! I’m a Seattle painter working with paint in experimental and traditional ways. I use bold color interactions, lively textures, and strong materiality to evoke a sense of pleasure or even sometimes hunger.

 My art training can be described as non-traditional. I have studied art at a variety of schools, including University of Washington, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Gage Academy of Art, and Photographic Center Northwest. However, my aesthetic influences also come from unexpected places.

After many years as a teacher, I earned a culinary degree at Seattle Culinary Academy, which led to a few years as a food stylist and food photographer. Working with food as a visual medium dramatically impacted my relationship with paint. From glassy-smooth glazes to lively, buttery impasto, the paint medium itself becomes its own character in the painting’s story.

I’ve also studied Chinese 5 Elements for almost 20 years. Feng shui, Chinese face reading, Chinese Medicine—all of these have an impact on design and color, and how color and images affect our very bodies, minds and spirits as we experience them. Art can heal, in subtle and powerful ways. Many of us could use more color in our lives, and each color is important for different reasons.

You can reach me at Anne at Anne Livingston dot com for inquiries about my paintings, or visit Instagram and Facebook @annelivingstonart to see the latest projects. All images copyright Anne Livingston. All rights reserved.