100 Days of Salad / by Anne

radishesAt the moment I'm eating salad every day.  This is not an exercise in restriction; it's a commitment to self-indulgence and celebration of one of my favorite menu items.  When asked what my favorite foods are, I have often said, "Salad...and cheese, of course."  These salads I've been making are delicious, usually casual and easy, and they fill my heart and stomach with joy.  Inspired after the food styling workshop, I started taking pictures of these joy-giving salads, so I started a new sister blog, called 100 days of salad , to share ideas.  I hope you'll share your own ideas there as well!  100 days of anything is pretty long, even if it is your favorite thing.

Bring to Boil is still continuing on. It's like when Buffy the Vampire Slayer spun off to the concurrent but separate show, Angel.  The two blogs will likely refer to each other, since the same person is cooking for both.  One blog's going to be about daily salads, and this blog will continue to be about Everything Else (possibly even more salads?).