Sweet Emulsion / by Anne

No pic tonight.  I almost hit the hay before realizing that I did not yet fulfill my NaBloWriMo responsibilities.  Downstairs there are 200 cute little truffles waiting to be dipped.  Wait, still? Not dipped? Yes. I had some very good "opportunities for learning" today with creating the centers of chocolate truffles.  Things went completely strange -- the ganache turned rock-hard, even though in the past I did the same exact thing with different effects.

I even had to call "The Chocolate Man" (he is real, look him up) to find out if it was the chocolate I was using -- I had bought it in bulk from him.  After conferring with him, I tried a few things to salvage my strange chocolate situation.  As I started to do some chocolate doctoring, I discovered that there are so many mysteries to unravel when working with chocolate.  I had 6 separate bowls of ganache, and each reacted completely differently to my similar actions to each.  For goodness sake, guys, I just want you all to be emulsified.  Is this too much to ask?  I was able to semi-salvage four of the six bowls. 

I have learned enough today to realize that I need to take chocolate classes soon.  It turns out I know nothing about making chocolate truffles, and any successes I've had in the past were sheer luck and good direction-following.  But...I was still following directions today...and different authorities are saying different things (as usual).  So whose directions to follow?  I'm pretty sure I'm rambling tonight.  I want to talk more about chocolate emulsions, and soon. 

However, it's mere minutes until tomorrow, and besides needing to finish this post before tomorrow, I also have a list for the morning that contains 22 items to do, including dipping the chocolates in a machine I haven't even had the opportunity to turn on to see if it even WORKS.  This is a little dramatic.  But if it does not work, I have a backup.  I can still make the truffles the classic French way and roll them in cocoa powder.  I also have a set of truffles that have been made with Grand Marnier, and I'm going to garnish those with a tiny square of candied citrus peel.  Then there's the third variety, which I will be rolling in almond bits.  So, worst case scenario, I'll have naked truffles.  No actual drama.  Just hoping to get to dip the little guys.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow!  It will be such a thrill to see how the evening--and the food--unfolds.  I'd like to remember this feeling.  Dream-following is heady stuff.