Bliss / by Anne

mushroom rolls

In case I wasn't sure earlier, it's confirmed now: I love to cook for people.  Especially medium sized groups, like tonight.  Especially good people, like tonight.   It was a lovely party, and unfortunately I have hardly any pictures to show for it.  Too busy cooking and talking to those good people.

My favorite food moment of the night:  A woman dared someone to put a meatball onto the chicken salad in the crunchy cones, which he did...and proclaimed that it was delicious.  I was standing right there, so I popped a meatball onto one of those cones myself.  It never would have occured to me to put that Swedish-style meatball onto an Indian-curried salad with a sesame cone.  But you know, it wasn't bad!  More importantly, they loved it and sent their friends back over to try it as well.  It thrills me that they were enjoying the food so much, and that the whimsical style of the appetizers made them want to experiment, too.

My incredible husband moment of the night: I had been so organized.  I had my inventory list, and I had checked everything off so diligently.  So how was it that I was standing in a clubhouse in Issaquah without the lemon bars?  No, this is not a joke, it is that elegant logic in the universe.  My new cuss word was the big mistake of the night. I called my incredible husband and asked him to bail me out.  He left work early.  He bussed home from downtown.  He asked our babysitter to watch Rosalie for awhile longer.  He drove from Ballard to Issaquah -- which is a long drive -- to bring me a pan of lemon bars.  I'm equal parts embarrassed to tell you that I did all of this (forgot them, then asked Mike to get them for me) and proud to tell you that Michael is my favorite husband on the planet.

All in all, the night was a great success. People loved the food, and my friend Taylor and I had fun serving it. 

By the way, if you've been reading lately and know about my recent thrilling acquisition of a chocolate tempering machine, I'll tell you...  Nope,  I did not get a chance to dip the truffles for the party.  Holy cannoli, what a bummer.   But they were still marvelous tonight with the cocoa powder, almonds, and candied citrus peel. 

Sometime this weekend, though, I'm getting alone with that machine to finally dip things into perfectly tempered chocolate!  Who cares what it is?!!  Pizza? Legos?  Whatever!  I can't wait!  Well, yes I can.  Apparently the burning obsession has limits.  It tends to fade out at around 1:00 in the morning, right along with the rest of me.  I hope you're having sweet dreams as I write this.  I'm gonna go get some of that sweet dreamin' too.